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ICT CommunicationI would like to say hello to everyone who would like to share with the Internet community the wealth of experiences, idea and resources in terms of ICT-based teaching and learning for the secondary students.

Until before having the practicum at an actual high-school, I had no doubt that I am going to be an ICT teacher for a secondary school one day and I was ready but might need little bit of skills for running a class.

That was totally ignorant idea from overlooking the facts such as that:

First of all, the broadness of ICT area of teaching at school, the fast evolutionary changes in IT environment within short period of time and the efforts from the school to catch up these changes in teaching ICT for most updated as well as being  practical for students being competent after leaving their school.

The University of Canberra well explained what ICT education is about as follow:

School Sign“ICT education is just one specialization in the broad field of Information Communication Technology.
Professionals specializing in this area can fulfill various job roles in the areas of secondary and tertiary teaching, corporate training, education management, vendor training, and consultancy and in specialist training organizations (acs.org.au, 14 August 2007; HCi.com.au, 8 August, 2007)

ICT educators, whilst specializing in the field themselves, aim to teach the implementation of computers and computing technology in order to achieve effective processing information. The employment opportunities for not only educators but ICT officers themselves abroad and here in Australia are expanding.” (ICT education, University of Canberra,http://ucspace.canberra.edu.au/display/isjobs/ICT+Education?showComments=false ).

Here it became even more challenging to be an ICT teacher than what I originally thought but I really would like to enjoy and explore the field that I have never come across before through my study at ACU for becoming ICT teacher.

I welcome any post, writings or comments regarding this common interest and would like to enjoy the value of sharing and spreading Goodies.



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