About Me

My name is Eun Sook BAE, doing my Graduate Diploma in Education and Graduate Certificate in Religious at Australian Catholic University.  

 I finished my bachelor’s degree in IT specialized in Database programming.   

 Despite of degree in IT, I worked for a private business college as an oversea students consultant and as a marketing officer for recruiting oversea students.  

 It required me to have knowledge in Immigration rules and regulations for oversea student’s visa, excellent communication skills as a student’s adviser and a consultant, appropriate decision making skills for oversea students and administrative skills and creating and planning promotion marketing skills.   

Through my work experiences in the college, I developed my skills in consulting, communication skills and customer relationship.In 2005, I started my own business in travel and education industries. The previous working experiences in a college excelled my managing and marketing abilities in running the businesses.   

While running my business, I found myself having good understanding and interest in adolescents’ education as well as a vision for them. Now I am doing my practicum as a part of my courses and became surer about my future career as a teacher who not only transfer knowledge that I have but also warmth and love and be a guardian to shaping-up their adulthood as a valuable citizen of the society.


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