Lesson Procedures

The actual class will be presented with power point as it needs some animated functions for better understanding.

  1. During the presentation of definitions,you are required to take notes for the each definitions.
  2. Question Time
  3. Introduction of Symbols – Use Power Point animation, Symbols are introduced one by one.
  4. You will be given further10 min to taking notes for names for the symbols.
  5. Print out the Working sheets and answer the questions.
  6. Submit the working sheet

§ Definitions §

§What is Floor plan?

It is a plan of a room or floor of a building drawn to scale as if viewed from above. It is to keep all the dimensions and measurements to scale. Architects draw up plans that make all the components of a house fit together.

§What is Blueprint?

In the past architects draw up floor plans that make all the components of a house fit together on a blue coloured paper.
Therefore, people called this architectural drawing of building plan a blueprint. However, architects draw plans not only on a blue coloured paper rather on a grid paper or with computer technical drawing software so that blueprint is no longer used for architectural draft planning.

§What is Architectural Symbols?

It is an architect’s design vocabulary
It is a graphical representations of different features (such as doors, windows, stairs and appliances) that appear on floor plans or elevation drawings. It includes  electrical, plumbing, and wall framing.

§What is Electric receptacles?

It is also known as wall sockets ,power points, power sockets, or electrical outlets and is a female electrical connector that have slots or holes which accept and deliver current to the prongs of inserted plugs.

§ Types of Architectural Symbols

  • Electric Symbols: denote items such as wall receptacles, ceiling fans, light fixtures, light switch, electrical switchbox, smoke detectors and more.
  • Plumbing Symbols:denote items such as hot and cold water pipes, sanitary pipes, plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, hot water tank), etc.

§Architectural floorplan symbols

Architectural Blueprint Symbols

§ Assessment §

Task 1 —- print out the working sheet and complete the task.

Architectural Symbol Task1

TASK 2 —- Print out the working sheet and name the each symbols on the working sheet.

Task 3. Answer the Questions

  1. What is the main purpose of having floor plan?
  2. Why floor plans are called as blueprint?
  3. Name two types of Architectural floorplan symbols?
  4. What each types of symbols represents?
  5. What is another name for wall sockets?
  6. Can you find the measuring information such as height, width and thickness of wall from the floor plan?
  7. What other types of information can you find from the floor plan?
  8. Can you see the side view from the floor plan?
  9. Draw bi-folded door
  10. Draw a shower recess

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