In this WebQuest You have learnt what Floor plan and Architectural floor plan symbols are.
Get familiar with those symbols so that you can include in your VectorWork freely.


With the limited space in the Floor plan, well and clear use of symbols reduces a lot of design work as well as reduces the possibility of mis-interpretation between the designer (an Architect) and the user (a builder).
For you have been working on VectorWorks with simple walls, window and doors, you may already decide how many rooms and other facilities to include in your house design.
Now it is time to think how you really include in those rooms and facilities into your architectural design.
Keep in mind the scale represented in your design and the functionalities of the facilities and try to be as much practical as possible when you locate each facilities and its details.
For example, Question yourself
  1. the main user of the facilities (Laundry next to the Kitchen or Toilet or….next to kids room)
  2. direction of doors (any dead area? when you open the door?)
  3. the location of each facilities (Toilet facing window to street side?, Toilet next to the kitchen?)
  4. the guest toilet all across the living room?
  5. the light swith at the end of the inside wall or near the entrance? etc.

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