Teacher’s Guide

This WebQuest is developed for preparation of design and Technology for year 8 students as a part of TAS.
It is a continuous project through the school year and
Students have covered the following modules until so far:
  1. The definition of industrial design
  2. Group research on design requirements
  3. Brainstorming in design themes and requirements
  4. Study of Architects and famous buildings to find out architects’ roles and design according to the purpose of buildings.
  5. and Lastly vectorwork drawing.
Even though the students have not learnt Architectural Floor plan symbols, Student are familiar with some symbols such as window, doors thorough their use of VectorWorks.
Therefore it is important to keep remind the students not only the new terminology of each topics but what the students have gone through until so far so that students find themself to be able to link  these new terms to their vectorworks.
Use of ICT tools to visualise the concept rather than with textual definition.
To presents symbols in the lesson, Power point has been strong tools to teach the students by using animation tools in PowerPoint.
  1. Showing each symbols first to make students familiarize the image first
  2. Use animation tool to enter the name of the symbols
  3. Stay for a while to let students memorize the name
  4. Let disappear the name of symbols
  5. Keep repeat until all symbols are covered
  6. Lastly let appear all the matching names for the symbols and let students to have a final check
  7. Show very basic floor plan which included different types of symbols.
  8. Use shapes to highlight each symbols that are actually used in the floor plan.
  9. Let students name them.
  10. Let disappear the highlighting shape and proceed to the next symbols
  11. Repeat it until you covered all symbols in the floor plan.
Students have followed very effectively with this visualised teaching resource as they were keep matching symbols with its corresponding names whole through the Powerpoint presentation.
Introductory class that introducing new terms and uses could make kids to be board.
New term, continuous verbal lecturing, full of texts and so on.
By adding images and animation liberated students from just passive listening but giving a chace to mix and match even during the verbal presentation.
Especially for the technology class which involves technological terms and theories might difficult for the students to understand there for using ICT tools in Technology is strongly recommended.

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