Design Chllenge

Workshop 2

  • to investigate the intent, structure and content of the Stage 5 Information and Software Technology syllabus in the K-12 continuum
  • Use WordPress to create blog sites
  • Board of Studies (2000). Information and Software Technology (Stage 5) Syllabus. Sydney, NSW: Board of Studies.
  • Week 2 lecture material: Information Software and Technology
  1. identify relevant national, state and systemic policy and syllabus statements which set the context for Stages 4 and 5 technology education in the K-12 curriculum.
  2. identify the aims, objectives, outcomes, content, skills and assessment requirements of the relevant syllabus
  3. plan and develop individual lesson plans and short lesson sequences based on particular syllabus requirements, with an emphasis on project based learning.
  4. to create a WordPress blog.

In this session, we will investigate the Technology(mandatory) syllabus. It will not be possible to cover every aspect of it but we need to come away with a sound idea of how it fits into the K-12 continuum, what it is all about, and its general requirements.

The Design challenge

My Work Using I-Web : Sunscreen



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