Web 2.0

Relies on its user to come together and create their own contents (Flickr)

N.W based
Web application that facilitate Interactive Info sharing User-cantered design and collaboration on the WWW

Users are contributors to the website’s content, instead of passive viewers of info that is provided to them.

E.g. Web 2.0 Web-based communities, hosted services, web applications, social-N.W

Web1.0 === Read only Era. Internet before 1999

Web 2.0 === Read/Write/Publish/Interact Era. Internet from 1999 till now

Web 3.0=== Semantic Web. Future of Internet – more intelligent web….3D web

e.g. Google search….GM and GM crop search on Google it automatically decided which on the user means.


Online Social Networking – form of communicating over the internet using various forms

Wikis in Edu

Wiki’s educational wiki….search on website

WikiText editor….basic programming


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